Extratropical Storm Braer 1991

The Braer storm was the strongest recorded European windstorm

European windstorms are large and powerful extratropical systems that move across the North Atlantic ocean into European waters. European windstorms normally form in winter months, but they can form anytime of the year. The most active winters for European windstorms are when the North Atlantic Oscillation is positive. European windstorms are named by the Free University of Berlin through name request. The 1999-2011 average for European windstorms is 139.8 windstorms per year.

Please note the European Windstorm Centre is not open at the moment, but will resume issuing advisories and windstorm outlooks on October 1, 2013. Windstorm outlooks will be issued if a significant system develops.

Windstorm OutlookEdit

The windstorm outlook, which contains information about potential upcoming windstorms, can be found here.

Current European windstormsEdit

No European windstorms are active.

European Windstorm Scale (EWS)Edit

As there is no official rating for European Windstorms, our own senior meteorologist Kiewii developed the unofficial European Windstorm Scale, which rates windstorms based on their barometric pressure.

Category Pressure Ranges Equivalent SSHWS
1 >1000 mbar TS
2 999 - 986 mbar TS 1
3 985-971 mbar 1 2
4 970-956 mbar 2 3
5 <955 mbar 3 4 5


Products have not been issued. See the Free University of Berlin for more information.

Products have not been issued. See the Free University of Berlin for more information.

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Month Average windstorms
January 14.6
February 12.2
March 13.1
April 11.0
May 10.8
June 10.0
July 9.8
August 10.0
September 8.8
October 10.0
November 14.1
December 15.6

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