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Hailing from Dundee, UK...
Senior Meteorologist of the ATL, SWIO, and WPAC
Hailing from Austin, US...
Senior Meteorologist of the ATL, EPAC, and AUS

About Us

Welcome to the Kiewii/CobraStrike Global Analytical Cyclone Center. We specialize in forecasting many of the various tropical cyclones across the world, including European windstorms and areas of interest. Our coverage area, unlike many other meteorological agencies, is that we track hurricanes and tropical cyclones all across the world, instead of regions.You can read more about us here.

Below is a list of systems that we are currently tracking...

North Indian (NIO)

Arabian Sea (ARB)
Bay of Bengal (BOB)

Atlantic (ATL)

European Windstorms (EW)

Australian Region (AUS)

East Pacific (EPAC)

  • Tropical Storm Gil

South Pacific (SPAC)

Southwest Indian (SWIO)

West Pacific (WPAC)

  • Tropical Storm Jebi

Special Pages

Current Storms

All global storm positions. Due to our guidelines, not all storms are forecasted on.

Current Data

Tropical Storm Gil
As of July 31 2013, 1500z
Current Position: 13.6N, 119.9W
Winds and Pressure: 60 mph / 1000 mbar
Tropical Storm Jebi
As of July 31 2013, 1500z
Current Position: 15.2N, 114.8E
Winds and Pressure: 40 mph / 996 mbar


<KCSGACC Drops FU-Berlin
Sixth Edition · Sunday July 22, 2012
CobraStrike (t)(b)(c) 16:37, July 22, 2012 (UTC)

After consideration by our head staff and chief meteorologists, KCSGACC has decided to drop its reliance on the European Windstorm tracker, FU-Berlin, and has decided to become an independent tracker. As a result, the KCSGACC will now use its own naming list, which can be found on our site.

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