Additional Products, Auxillary Naming List
Third Edition · Thursday, July 5, 2012
CobraStrike (t)(b)(c) 20:12, July 5, 2012 (UTC)

Since the last news article, we're continuing to create new products for our users in preparation for that big opening day on July 7, 2012, in 2 days. Our first new product that you'll be seeing is the Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook, outlining the current tropical situation in a basin along with an infrared image of the basin. We've also provided storm summaries. Windstorm Nadine was the first storm that was fully tracked by KCSGACC, and when it dissipated, we issued a storm summary summarizing the storm's events on its archive page. We'll be continuing to do this for other storms. Soon, we'll have season and monthly summaries. We've also created KCSGACC Labs, where we'll test out experimental products and put them on live once we think they're ready. We've already started on a new product, Solar Weather , where we'll give reports on the latest activity from our sun, Sol.

In other news, today we were observing a developing low that would not be tracked by FU-Berlin, but we were predicted that it would form into a European windstorm. Due to this, we decided to name the future system Barnabas. This would inspire us to make the KCSGACC Auxillary Naming List, which is currently being constructed. The KCSGACC Auxillary Naming List contains names from A-Z which can be used globally for systems not tracked by RSMCs and potentially new products.